Shades of happiness

I guess the best place to start this blog would be at the start. But There are so many things that even now as I’m sitting and writing that are going through my head at one time I can’t string together clear thoughts. The outward response tends to be jumbled lyrics to an indecisive persons soundtrack; that’s number 10 on my bucket list make a soundtrack to my life so far I’ve got some ska and an alternative angst song for when I wanna feel deep or be angsty but that’s all. Closer to number one is to join the good fight against this roll that has ever so slightly started forming under my chin; to combat that I take a very firm back hand to it morning, noon, night, while I pee and, at times during sex because i’m not cool enough to carry off a double chin. That requires a screw u middle finger to evil skinny bitches and douche bag dudes that will judge me. I get judged enough being a negro dark skinned female; I guess I should consider myself lucky that my double d’s make me more acceptable on a good societal day.
So why blog? Why be another page in a sea of millions with something to say that’s deep and thought provoking and world changing and metaphorical; for that reason I think. Maybe so my soul can be at peace and I wont keep stepping in shit looking for the latest craze (right now it’s shoes) that will fill me up with love and ever lasting hope; although since I bear the cross in my car jesus covers those bases so I guess what I’m truly looking for is a different shade of happy; perhaps one in a gray color I like that shade.

This may take a while………

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